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Welcome to
Advanced Business Technologies Group!!!

Let us Introduce ourselves...

Advanced Business Technologies Group is a business organisation that specializes in business consulting, focusing in a unique business model. This service could be seen as an business "limousine service" as an alternative to ordinary consulting services. The best aspects of each type of business consulting are combined into our service. We provide the convenience of having a business analyst ready to provide smart solutions in a short time after the service or product request, without the enormous upfront costs of the ordinary consulting services.

There are no hidden fees or restrictions on the services you ask for. Our prices are competitive with other similar business services because our structure gives us flexibility to work also for both medium and smaller projects applying advanced techniques bringing our customer closer to the final destination.

Our schedules are no depended on other companies, providing flexibility to our processes.

Advanced Business Technologies Group develops collaborations with clients, corporates and individuals providing them smart solutions in order to respond to the challenges they have.

First of all, we are flexible without having a complicated organisation. There are no middle men between us and our customers, creating relationships based on confidence.

Creative business tools are developed through research, analysis and advanced techniques.Our customers are the source of inspiration to continue our efforts for excellent products and services.

There are no small or large business for us. All tasks are valuable and challenges for us  because we see the same importance on a part or a whole project as well.

There is a wide range of integrated information, products and services necessary to everyone who seeks for the right path in business. More about us and our values

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