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ABTechs Group Forecasts

Advanced Business Technologies group specializes in the creation of forecasts related to markets such as investments, finance, economics etc.

In the following menu you can find a range of forecasts concerning assets and indices traded in the major financial markets. New assets are posted frequently.

ABTechs develops more forecasts which are provided on demand to its customers, including exchange rates between all currencies, markets, indices, commodities, etc.

Forecast Packages Available
  • World Markets
  • U.S. Market Indices
  • Australian Banks Stocks
  • Buenos Aires Stocks
  • London Aerospace Stocks
  • London Energy Stocks
  • London Metal Stocks
  • U.S. Federal Funds
  • NASDAQ Energy Stocks
  • NASDAQ Basic Industries Stocks
  • NASDAQ Shipping Companies Stocks
  • NYSE Basic Industries Stocks
  • NYSE Health Care Stocks
  • NYSE Shipping Companies Stocks
  • TSX - V Stocks
  • U.S. Airline Stocks
  • U.S. Logistics Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Exchange Rates

All data are provided for information purposes only and do not consist in any way, suggestion for any financial or business decision.

We provide two more complimentary currency forecasts. Just click here to request them using email and you will have the info you request in a weekly basis.

For any queries please contact us.

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